archangel Ariël

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Means: lioness of god

The protector of animals, environment and earth.

Rose quartz and moss agate, symbol is clover 4

For healing of animals that live in and around water

Helps you to ground yourself when you have trouble doing so

The angel who can put you in touch with the 8th chakra your soul chakra and the earth chakra that you carry with you.

She is a master of manifestation and can help you with that.

The angel of courage, financial prosperity and positive power.

She helps guide you during your task on earth, she is connected to the element air.

You can ask for help in gaining insights, as well as you can ask her to help you heal your heart chakra.

Helps with your clairvoyant development

You can ask for her help to make your voice heard, for support and help for good causes.

She helps you when guts, courage and perseverance are needed, you can also ask her for help for more self-confidence and courage.

She helps those who want to stand up for a good cause.

When you walk your soul path and initiate things, Ariel helps you to manifest them.

She helps you to gain enthusiasm, willpower and courage as well as grounding.

 She helps you acquire everything you need such as help, workplace, stuff and resources.

You can also ask her for new energy and zest for life.

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