archangel chamuël (kamaël)

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means: throne of god, he who sees god.

His stone is green fluorite

He helps you find the right path in your life

It has a friendly and uplifting energy

He helps you to be cheerful, peaceful and calm.

Helps you promote healthy relationships in your life.

He will point out feelings of others and yourself, so you will be better able to have stable relationships.

You can ask him in locating and finding soul mates.

He can assist you in finding, building (love) relationships

Achieving inner peace, finding good work, your life purpose.

Relieving your anxiety problems

achieving world peace

peace activists, inspiration, resources and support

finding your twin soul he can help you with that

he is part of the angelic organization: the powers, the powers are angels who oversee the protection of the world and act as bouncers who can take away negative spirits, including those outside the earth.

 He helps with all kinds of fears and problems

He can help you from finding the right path in your life.

you can also ask for his help in solving quarrels

he belongs to the planet venus and his day is the 14th of february

He helps you to find lost objects.

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