archangel Haniël

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Means glory of God or grace of God,

Stone is moonstone.

it helps us to experience more joy and recognition in our lives, joy, social contacts and in the company of friends.

In natural medicine, herbs and crystals.

In helping your intuitive side, feminine physical side.

Providing positive support, experiencing more appreciation and joy.

Helps you let go of negative influences from the environment.

You can use her willpower to accomplish life tasks and work on soul goals.

she opens and maintains the angel chakra.

To stay balanced and with yourself before and during an event such as solisitation interview, speech and first date.

Helps you think positively in the aquarius age.

She helps you to let go of negative influences and learn to enjoy your life again.

Her energy is associated with the full moon

She can help and assist you with increasing spiritual sensitivity.

in letting go of old habits and problems.

can assist you in your psychic development and abilities.

planet venus

in stirring up your passion.

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