archangel Jophiël

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Means Beauty of God,

She helps you clean up your home when the atmosphere and energy is not optimal,

You can ask her to conduct lower energies out of your home, or open windows and doors for a while.

Feng shui,

She can help you to have positive thoughts, helps you to be patient.

You can ask her to detoxify your organs and body,

Her stone is citrine,

Angel of wisdom, understanding and judgment.

She helps us with practical balance in our lives, e.g. at home in our relationships and at work, to create peace, happiness and beauty.

It helps to implement creative ideas.

Helps us both spiritually and materially,

Helps clear blockages in the home and garden, helps people feel happy again.

Helps us to see and appreciate beauty again, you can also ask her to make you calmer, to improve the atmosphere.

Her energy has a dampening effect on negativity so that everything feels more pleasant,

to improve the atmosphere at school you can call on her as a parent and ask.

She is a specialist in creating a pleasant atmosphere and environment,

 is the guardian angel of artists, she helps with beautiful and original artistic projects.

The angel of patience and transformation

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