archangel metatron

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meaning: angel of the veil

he is an angel with a high vibrational frequency, is 1 of 2 archangels who had a life as a human.

He is wise, strong and energetic,

He is a good motivator, likes to encourage to do the things we want,

helps you with your concentration and or setting priorities,

is the angel that guides the new age children,

He helps to cleanse the chakras and energy centers, the metatron cube likes to balance our chakras,

when you feel energetically empty, invoke metatron and ask him to energetically cleanse you with his metatron cube,

He is the free will within us, gives us knowledge and love,

with metatron we can illuminate our own paths and shine like stars.

Protection and he makes us aware of our life purpose.

Can help with ADHD and ADD,

Helps with all kinds of problems of children,

Helps to create order in the lives of people with busy behaviors, record and organize,

Helps in giving spiritual insights and in writing.

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