archangel Michaël

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Means: the protector

He can help you give positive guidance and direction to your life journey.

If you feel unsafe or in danger, he will help you.

He is the patron saint for police officers, ambulance personnel, warriors/defenders against evil forces.

You can ask for his help if you don't know what to do for a while.

If you are tired or lose concentration, your archangel can give you a boost if you request it, you will feel your strength returning and you will feel that new energy flowing in.

He can also help bring people back to the right path.

He also removes earthbound spirits and entities.

He and archangel Sandalfon together can help people with addictions.

Protection at home and or environment, you can ask him to place an extraction system on your home that removes all negative spirits and energies so that peace and tranquility returns.

he can help you with letting go of fears, fatigue and lethargy and also remove them.

breaking negative connections and releasing negative cords, then ask for the healing light of Archangel Raphael.

he can help you to restore your energy balloon

he can help you with the promises, vows and oaths and break the old ones, allowing you to experience freedom again.

he can also break a curse

help with anxiety of children.

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