archangel Nathaniël

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Means: gift from God

You can call on him when you don't want to live with your passion

He is also known as fire of God, gemstone is carnelian and/or ruby

The divine fire he carries with him also has a purifying effect, belongs to the element fire.

You can call upon him for passion and to bring new activity into your life.

He guides you to your soul's goals and inspires your clairvoyance.

He can also help you meet people who match your soul's goals

He can help you remove (energetic) blockages and karma and old friendships and relationships, as well as closing old doors

He helps you to open your heart, to find the right books and/or courses. 

He helps you step back into your inner power and manifest your dreams.

He helps you to overcome procrastination, to let go of the past, to make life choices and changes, to step back into your power, to accept changes.

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