archangel Sandalphon

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Guardian of the Earth,

Can help you with grounding and is also the guardian of the earth.

He brings questions and prayers from people to God.

He can help you let go of unpleasant feelings or help you heal, well with the help of music, mantra, singing bowls, ... You can invoke him or concentrate on him.

Ask him for help with illness or mental problems, can help you with addictions and depression,

Helps you also with questions of all kinds (also material) problems that weigh on you.

Helps you to get what you need in material things eg house, bike, ...

You can ask for his help to have a positive conversation.

protection and is also the angel of prosperity, helps you to stand with both feet on the ground.

supports musicians and helps them to get the inspiration for a piece of music

chakra: the earth star (located under your feet)

can strengthen your immune system, helps children to express their creativity

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