archangel Uriël

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Meaning: light of God

ask him to protect you from natural disasters,

he has a great influence on matter,

He can protect you that you can weather the great storm,

you can call on him for help for relief of victims,

He can help you find solutions to all kinds of problems,

You can call on him for a practical solution, a creative insight or intellectual information, in studies and or exams.

Helps with knowledge and solutions, mystical matters and personal growth, spiritual growth, so that you can further develop yourself.

He clears blockages,

brings forward ideas that are on your life path,

has information through clear knowing, helps you to find your right path or path,

helps you to manifest the creation of something, in research, trial and study.

He is the angel of wisdom, brilliant ideas, alchemy and philosophy.

He sheds light on situations

You can ask for his help in cleaning the crown chakra.

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