request candle for divination (the divine).

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This candle helps to connect with your own source, with your guides, the angels, the archangels and the gods/goddesses. To help support you in this.

Divination is a tool to help you gain insight. Divining does not solve any problems for you, nor does it tell you exactly what to do. Interpreting the obtained answers lies with you, just as it is your responsibility what you are going to do with those new insights. What you can develop with divining is insight into character traits and what kind of possibilities there are. All divination methods are tools with which you can gain insight into yourself and the things that can happen and learn from them. It also equals predictions.

 All our candles are handmade and with natural products (no candle contains kerosene) soy wax and/or rapeseed wax is only used. With the right herbs and oils these candles are made with care and love. Also, all candles are inaugurated and ready to use when they arrive. our candles have a nice and long burning time of 24 to Max 72h (depending on where they stand and it's urgent what the candle burns for). However, if it is urgent the candle can burn up quickly, we speak from experience.

Don't be afraid if the herbs suddenly burn barrels, but that's usually the reason it happens. Certainly don't be afraid if that happens, but watch where you place them, especially in case of and never let them burn unsupervised. The wax doesn't do any damage if it comes on clothes just put it in the washing machine and or furniture (first remove the large pieces of wax, then warm water and some detergent.

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