for stopping gossip

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Gossip around you is never nice, but everyone gets in touch with it. This candle offers you the opportunity to break it, so the gossip will stop and so will the lies that are created by it. so that everything is as it should be again.

All our candles are handmade and with natural products (no candle contains paraffin) soy wax and/or rapeseed wax is only used. With the right herbs and oils these candles are made with care and love. Also all candles are inaugurated and ready to use when they arrive. our candles have a beautiful and long burning time of 24 to Max 72h (depending on where they stand and it is urgent what the candle burns for). However, if it is urgent the candle can burn up quickly, we speak for ourselves from experience.

Don't be afraid if the herbs suddenly catch fire, but it has usually a reason why it happens. Certainly don't be afraid if that happens, but watch where you place them, especially in case of and never let them burn unsupervised. The wax does not do any damage if it comes on clothes just put it in the washing machine and or furniture (first remove the large pieces of wax, then warm water and some detergent.

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