necklace - golden triangle with seraphinite

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Everything in life is energy, affects each other and is in constant motion. What you think, eat and do directly affects your energy and how you feel. But also the environment you are in and the people you are around have a great influence on how you feel and your energy management. You probably recognize situations like the stuffy energy on a Monday morning train, or a room where you can still clearly feel the tension of an argument or a painful conversation hanging in the air. It is all energy and that makes it sometimes very difficult to find peace within yourself.

Stones are also energy and every stone is unique in form, composition, native soil and vibration. The special properties of stones make working with them interesting, especially when the energies of the stones complement each other. A special combination is therefore the well-known Golden Triangle which consists of Amethyst, Rock crystal and Rose quartz. These stones all have special properties but also complement each other in a special way.

Let's first look at the individual properties of these stones;


Has a protective and purifying effect. It is a stone that helps to calm your overactive mind and helps you to quietly turn inward so that you can make contact with your inner wisdom.

Rock crystal

Is a strong energetic stone and brings positive and vitalizing energy. It is a stone that makes you perceive more clearly and improves neutrality.

Rose Quartz

Is the stone of love and peace and has a wonderful soft energy. Rose Quartz makes you mild and aware of your vulnerability. It is a stone that frees you from worries and calms you in anger or disappointment. Rose Quartz opens and provides inner healing and more of your own love.



is a particularly beautiful stone and has a beautiful silvery color play often on an intense moss green background. Seraphinite the finest quality is found in Siberia.

Seraphinite is a strong healing stone and helps you to open the Heart Chakra and to act more from your feelings. This special stone puts you in your power, straightens your back and helps you to take control. Seraphinite provides focus, makes you goal-oriented and ensures that the Chi energy can flow through your body properly. Seraphite refers to the Seraphim angels and helps you connect with higher dimensions.

Seraphim helps you to zoom out and see and break through your own limitations and ingrained habits. Seraphinite makes contact with your inner knowing, your life compass.

Seraphinite has a comforting and calming effect. This beautiful stone gives hope, courage, strength and dispels gloomy feelings and negative emotions. Seraphinite is therefore a wonderfully calming meditation stone and a powerful healer of both your mind and body.

On the physical level Serafinite has a strong detoxifying effect and supports the healing of all physical complaints. Serafinite also improves the absorption of nutrients and stimulates combustion.


light green, moss green, dark green with a silvery feather pattern


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