ritual box for justice with lady justicia

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This box is for justice with lady justicia, through which you, by carrying it out yourselves, come into contact with your own source and the divine power, this will also benefit your ritual for you/yours  to be asked. Please understand that when you have performed the ritual the  will not be at the door tomorrow, everything will come to you at the right time. However, by performing the ritual you will quickly make changes, it has already been set in motion by the ritual to come to you/you.

These boxes are made on your personal energy and hours, everything is in there what you have to do and how to do it. You can do this on your own or as a couple.

Please read the message below important for everything to work properly.

Everything is made with care and with the right herbs and stones and oils, also the candles are made on your/your energies time and person with the right herbs and oils ( candle is a natural product and safe for stains leaves no traces (to get everything away with water and detergent and for clothes is washing machine and everything is gone), everything is calculated by us so you can perform the ritual at the best time and day ( for the strongest energy to be able to perform it).

It is easy to carry out yourself and all instructions are also present in what and how to carry out, if you have any questions you can of course contact us personally. You can always send us an e-mail.

Go through everything because here and there you need small things mss, a eg (water and salt) going through it is also good because you know what to do and what is coming because it is best to prepare everything before you start so you do not have to walk away to get something.

Important: After the purchase of the box, send us an email mentioning the purchase of this ritual box, why after purchase? (Because otherwise we can't start making the box, as everything is made on you/your personal energy and tuned with the right herbs, oils and symbols). So that we can make contact with you to ask for all the necessary information to adjust the ritual to your energy, these are very important. 

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